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Wet Membrane Humidifier

Wet Membrane Humidifier


Performance description:

Wet membrane humidifier sends filtered water through water supply pipe to the water sprayer (on the top of the humidifier). The water, under the effect of gravity, flows along the wet membrane, and will be absorbed by the membrane to form even water membrane. When the dry air blows through this water membrane, the hydrone will absorb heat to vaporize and evaporate, so that to increase humidity. During this process, the humidity will increase and the temperature will drop, while the enthalpy of the air will stay same.
Product features:
1. Use advanced medium humidifying evaporation technology. The evaporation cooling medium is patented by a Swedish company, and is made by plant fiber pulp that has special chemical materials. It has good hygroscopicity, and the chemical components will not decompose along with water flow or airflow. 
2. The door and windows are opened to exhaust air and cool, so as to keep the indoor air fresh. The machine has a special function of using water to clean and filter the air, which can effectively clear away dusts, bacteria, and harmful gases in the air.
3. This machine use water evaporation to exchange air and cool, is an environment friendly product.
4. When humidifying, the operation of the water pump is controlled by the water level switch of the water tank. When the water is insufficient, the water level sensor will send an alarm of water shortage, 30 seconds later, the machine will automatically stand by, and only when the water reaches a certain level, can the machine start again.
5. This machine have air flow guide needle, the air supply direction can be adjusted according to real condition, and it has high air, middle air, and low air three modes.
Note: If picture and parameters are different with real machine, please refer to our real machine.
Main Parameters Of Wet Membrane Humidifier
Model GEP-4.0F GEP-6.0F GEP-8.0F GEP-10.0F GEP-12.0F
Humidification Capacity kg/h 4 6 8 10 12
Circular Air flow m3/h 1000 1400 1800 2200 2600
Rated power w 250 450 650 850 1050
Applicant Scope m2 100-250 200-350 300-450 400-550 500-650
Operating Temperature -5 ℃—40℃
Humidity Range  20-90%
Add Water Way Automatic automatic add water
Input Power 220V-50Hz 
Note: If picture and parameters are different with real machine, please refer to our real machine.


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