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Ultrasonic Humidifier

Ultrasonic Humidifier


Performance description:

Ultrasonic industrial humidifier uses electronic overclock shock (the shock frequency is 1.7MHz, exceeds human’s and animal’s hearing range, but is hurtless to human and animal), through the high frequency resonance of the atomization piece, spreads the water out of the water surface to form spray, without needing to heat or add chemicals to form 1-10μ water particles, to humidify the air. Meanwhile, the appropriate relative humidity has decisive effect on improving product quality, lowering reject rate, purifying air, improving environment, etc.
Product features:
1. The internal adopts integrated ultrasonic movement, no mechanical drive. The operation of the noise-free atomization forms certain anions, low failure rate, easy to maintain, and the output spray particle is only 1-10μ. The machine body is made by stainless steel, with powder coating treatment on the surface, and it is equipped with standard water inlet, outlet, and overfall gap, the inlet can automatically moisturize and control the water level.
2. High humidification efficient, high humidification intensity, the spray particles are small and even.
3. Low energy consumption. The energy consumption is 0.05kw/(kg﹒h) . The operation bill is low.
4. Even humidification, which can quickly solve problems occur in industrial production, such as fly, broken end, fragile fiber, etc. in textile industry.
5. The atomization unit uses integrated atomization movement, the sealed structural design is waterproof, and can instantly change atomization piece, completed avoid ultrasonic humidifying system damage, short service life, complicated repairing, and other problems.
6. Integrated atomization movement has water-flow protector and water level switch protector, which can ensure the atomization movement stop working when the water is insufficient, no other devices are needed, saving cost.
7. The control method is flexible, and has three choices: switch control, automatic water level control, automatic humidity control.
Note: If picture and parameters are different with real machine, please refer to our real machine.
Main Parameters Of Ultrasonic Humidifier
Model JES-3.0E JES-6.0E JES-9.0E JES-12.0E
Fogging Quantity kg/h  ≥3 ≥6 ≥9 ≥12
Ventilation Capacity m3/h 170 300 480 610
Applicant Scope m2 30-90 70-200 150-450 310-700
Consumption Power w 300 600 900 1200
Size L cm 60 60 82 82
W cm 46 46 46 46
H cm 73 73 73 73
Weight kg 30 34 42 46
Atomization Diameter ≤10μm
Control Mode  humidity control
Input Power 220V-50Hz
Note: If picture and parameters are different with real machine, please refer to our real machine.
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