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Thermostatic Dehumidifier

Thermostatic Dehumidifier


performance description:

This model mainly used to stabilize humidity and purify air. It integrates refrigeration, heating, humidification, dehumidification, and purification, can precisely control temperature and humidity, meet different requirements.
According to environment control requirement: high precision, general precision, top precision.
According to cooling way: air-cooling, water-cooling.
According to use: common series, purification series, low temperature and humidity series.
According to dehumidification character: refrigeration, runner, constant temperature humidity unit series.
According to structure: cabinet type, horizontal type.
According to air returning way: direct-blow type, piping type.
Quality configuration:
Heating method according to service condition: electrical heating, hot water heating, steam heating, the quantity of heat is selectable.
Humidification method according to service condition: steam humidification, electrode types humidification, the humidification amount is selectable.
The unit adopts R22 refrigerant. It can also be customized to R407c, R134a or other HFC units according to customer’s requirement.
The control system uses Italian “carel” SmartScreen programmable microcomputer controller.
Technical advantages:
Adopt microcomputer high precision dynamic intelligent control. Special precision air condition series can provide multimachine networking, implement primary/secondary engine switching operation, to completely control the environment.
High precision equipment: temperature ±0.5℃, humidity ±2%. General precision equipment: temperature ±1℃, humidity ±5%.
The components of the equipment are all strictly selected and inspected, to reduce repair and to reduce downtime.
High-end units use latest compressor refrigeration technology, while low-end alternatives through system optimization to reduce main engine input power to make the equipment fully function and reduce energy consumption.
The products are divers, can meet different requirements.
Completed protection device ensures the normal operation of the unit. When malfunction occurs, it will adopt protective measures and warn the user.
Use recyclable industrial materials, Eco-friendly.
Main Parameters Of Constant Temperature and Humidity Dehumidifier
Model HF-9Q HF-13Q HF-20Q HF-26Q HF-36Q HF-52Q HF-60Q HF-80Q
Refrigerating Capacity kw 9 13.2 20.1 26.4 37.6 52 62 80.4
Circular Air flow m3/h 2000 2500 4000 5000 8000 10000 13000 15000
Surplus Pressure Pa 80 120 120 150 150 150 180 180
Comprocessor kw 2.89 4.11 6.12 7.95 10.95 15.9 18.3 24.46
Humidification Capacity kg/h 4 4 4 4 8 8 13 13
Heating Capacity kw 3 3 6 9 9 18 24 36
Power Distribution   10 14 17 22 28 43 56 75
Evaporator and Condenser copper tube with aluminum fin
Draught Fan  Type external rotor low noise centrifugal
Input Power 3P-380V-50Hz three-phase four-wire system
Note: If picture and parameters are different with real machine, please refer to our real machine.
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