Temperature Adjustable Dehumidifier

Temperature Adjustable Dehumidifier


Temperature adjustable dehumidifier performance introduction:

This model includes water-cooling and air-cooling temperature control. At the same time of dehumidification, it can also control temperature. It has air-condition function, integrates dehumidification and refrigeration. The air supply methods include front air supply, top air supply, and tube air supply, users can choose according to real condition.

Product features:
1. Automatic temperature control and dehumidification function: Under hot and humid environment, the equipment automatically operates temperature control and dehumidification function, the heat emitted by the equipment will be sent to the atmosphere through outdoor unit. When the temperature reaches a certain level, it will cool and dehumidify. Under cold and humid environment, the equipment will automatically heating and dehumidify.
2. Adopts international brand vortex-type compressor, matched with efficient energy-saving drying and filtering devices and refrigeration components. It can fully function while protect the compressor at the same time.
3. Double suction centrifugal fan uses external rotor electric machine to drive, has the features of small vibration, low noise, high efficient, and compact structure, can solve the problems of belt creep, loose and replacement.
4. The microcomputer controller is mated with high precision sensor, they can automatically control the temperature and humidity. The operation is easy, and the control is precise.
5. Famous brand contractor, relay, and other electronic components, mated with turn on/off, operation and fault indicator light and low and high pressure dial gauges. The operation and maintenance are easy.
6. Copper-aluminum tube finned heat exchanger effectively improves dehumidification capacity and reduces energy consumption.
7. Frame structure, stainless steel condensate water pan and bottom water pan, continuous drainage design, electrostatic coated sheet metal shell, air filter.
8. Completed protection function: power supply defaultphase and misphase, compressor over-current, uneven pressure, delayed protection, draught fan overload, electrical heating overheating.
9. Auxiliary electrical heating. The equipment will automatically heat under cold environment to raise indoor temperature and lower relative humidity. It can solve the problem of low dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier under low temperature circumstance.
Note: If picture and parameters are different with real machine, please refer to our real machine.
Main Parameters of Temperature Adjustable Dehumidifier
Model CFZ-10D CFZ-15D CFZ-20D CFZ-25D CFZ-30D CFZ-40D CFZ-50D CFZ-60D
Dehumidifying Capacity kg/h  10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60
Refrigerating Capacity m/h 16.5 24 31.1 40.8 49 65.4 81.6 98
Circular Air flow m3/h 3000 4500 6000 7500 9000 12000 14000 18000
Surplus Pressure Pa 200 200 250 250 300 300 300 300
Power Distribution 6 8.5 12 15 20 24 30 37

Refrigerating Capacity
Type R22or407C
Restriction Mode external balanced type thermal expansion valve
Comprocessor Type totally enclosed type
Draught Fan Type  external rotor low noise centrifugal
Input Power 3P-380V-50Hz three-phase four-wire system
Note: If picture and parameters are different with real machine, please refer to our real machine.


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