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SAY Series

SAY Series


SAY Four Season Moveable Refrigeration Dehumidifier

SAY series moveable dehumidifiers achieve dehumidification by combination of refrigeration and honeycomb wheel. They are suitable for temporary site of special painting operation all the year round. Dehumidification relies on cooling while the wheel subsidiary in summer; combined dehumidification in transition season, and wheel dehumidifying is taken as the key link in winter.
Refrigerating system is air-cooled of SAY series moveable dehumidifier, and the air-cooled fan adopts screw compressor so as to save energy and improve operation stability of the unit. The air to be treated is pre-processed by the evaporator, and further dehumidified by the wheel according to required conditions. The unit adopts PLC automatic control system, which can meet different requirements in different conditions.
SAY  Main Parameters
Model SAY-6000 SAY-10000 SAY-15000 SAY-18000
Process Airflow m3/h 6000 10000 15000 18000
Compressor Power kw 30 50 70 90
Process Fan Power kw 7.5 11.0 18.5 22.0
Reactivation Heating Power kw 60 78 120 144
Cooling Load kcal/h 90000 130000 220000 260000
Installed Power kw 120 156 288 370
Overall Dimension
L mm 4000 4270 5100 6500
W mm 2000 2240 2240 2240
H mm 2800 3100 3100 3100
Weight kg 2700 3600 3900 4300
Surplus Pressure of Supply Air Pa >1000
Process in Air Parameters Temperature Tmp.:-5-40℃, relative humidity RH: 50-99%
Supply Air Parameters Temperature Temp.:20-32℃, relative humidity RH: ≤45%
Main Control Program general refrigeration, combination of refrigeration and wheel dehumidification, combination of wheel dehumidification and heating
Evaporator direct evaporator copper tube with aluminum fin
Condenser  air-cooled copper tube with aluminum fin
Power Supply 3P-380V-50HZ (can be customized)
1. Above table shows the parameters of a part of model for your reference, the final parameters is according to  your design based on the user’s conditions.
2.The technology and design can be changed without notification, non-standard requirements or particular specification can be customized.
3.If picture and parameters are different with real machine, please refer to our real machine.


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